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The Society of Powder Technology, Japan (hereinafter referred to as "SPTJ") will promote the protection of personal information by establishing the Personal Information Protection Regulations and promoting the all officers' and secretariat officials' recognition about its importance. The policy stipulated in the Personal Information Protection Regulations (established on December 15, 2018) is shown below.

Definition of personal information

Personal information is information that identifies a specific individual that is provided to SPTJ through the SPTJ Web sites, e-mail, mailing, fax, etc.

Management of personal information

SPTJ will conduct strict management of personal information in order to keep personal information accurate and up to date, and to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, damage, alteration, leaks, etc., by improvement of the security system and staff education.

Use of personal information

SPTJ will uses the personal information for the following cases.

  • Cases for achieving its collection purpose
  • Cases based on the provisions of laws and regulations
  • Cases with consent of the personal information provider
  • Cases delegating all or part of the handling of personal information to the extent necessary for achieving the project purpose (for example, in the case of informing the company entrusted with services such as delivery with name and address)
  • Cases approved by the executive board to achieve the purpose of SPTJ

Correspondence to disclosure, correction etc.

SPTJ confirms that suppliers have the right to disclose, modify, disuse and delete their data. SPTJ will promptly respond to such a request of suppliers after confirming the identity in principle.

Compliance with laws and regulations and review of regulations

SPTJ shall comply with the applicable laws and other standards concerning personal information, review the contents of these regulations from time to time and make efforts to improve it.

Inquiries about personal information

If you have a question about personal information, contact the section of general affair of the SPTJ’s office via “”.
Note:This English version is a translated of the Japanese one, in case of a difference in interpretation, the Japanese version takes precedence.