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Member as of 20 March, 2023

Regular members 476
Student members 102
Corporate members 246
Others(Library,overseas,honorable) 105
Total 929

Membership fee
for oversea member per year

For Regular members(Institutions)
150 US dollar or 22,000 Yen to receive JSPTJ by surface.
200 US dollar or 31,000 Yen to receive JSPTJ by air.

For Special members(personal)
70 US dollar or 10,000 Yen to receive JSPTJ by surface. 120 US dollar or 18,000 Yen to receive JSPTJ by air.

310 US dollar or 28,000 Yen to receive JSPTJ plus *Adv. Powder Technol. by surface. 360 US dollar or 36,000 Yen to receive JSPTJ plus *Adv. Powder Technol. by air.

*Adv. Powder Technol. is to be sent monthly.
*Regarding the Institutional/company subscription of Adv. Powder Technol,please contact Elsevier B.V. directly.

Regarding membership application for members (individuals / agencies) who have overseas addresses, please fill out this application form and send it to the secretariat by fax or email ( attachment.

of The Society of Powder Technology

Chapter 1  General Provisions

Article 1The Association is referred to as The Society of powder technology .

Article 2The headquarters secretariat of the Society shall be in Kyoto City.

Article 3The Society can hold a branch in the necessary land through the decision of the Board of Directors.

Chapter 2  Purpose and Business

Article 4The purpose of the Society is to contribute to the development of the powder industry by conducting partnerships of mutual research related to powder technology, development of academic development, improvement of technology.

Article 5The Society will carry out the following business in order to achieve the purpose of Article 4.
(1) holding research presentations on powder technology, academic lectures, seminars, tours etc
(2) Journals on powder and publication of academic books
(3) Study on powder technology research and technical guidance
(4)Distribution of literature and other materials related to powder technology
(5) Cooperation on academic and technological knowledge of The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering
(6) Contact and affiliation with related academic societies outside Japan
(7) Other necessary projects to achieve the purpose of the Society

Chapter 3  Members

Article 6Members of the Society shall be as follows.
(1) Individual members: Individuals belonging to universities, schools, government offices that agree with the purpose of the Society, individuals belonging to business establishments of establishment members, maintenance members or support members, and other boards are appropriate Authorized individuals
(2) Student members: students, students and their equivalent according to the introduction of individual members
(3) Business establishment members: business establishments that support the purpose of the Society (including individuals)
(4) Maintenance Member: A business establishment or individual who agrees with the purpose of the Association and participates in the operation and maintenance of the Association
(5) Supporting member: A business establishment that agrees with the purpose of the Association and participates in the operation and maintenance of the Association. However, being a member of The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering
(6) Library members: libraries and libraries belonging to universities, schools, government offices, public facilities that other boards have deemed appropriate,
(7) Foreign member: A corporation located in a foreign country or an individual residing in favor of the purpose of the Society
(8) Honorary Members: Individuals who are particularly credited with the operation and business of the Society and approved at the General Assembly

Article 7A person who intends to become a member of the Society shall submit a prescribed application form for membership and shall not receive approval from the Board of Directors
You must do it.

Article 8When a member intends to withdraw from membership, the member will offer documents to the Society . At that time, we do not refund the dues already paid.

Article 9Members lose their qualifications in the following cases.
(1) Withdrawal
(2) Declaration of inexorable and semi-non-governmental products
(3) Death and disappearance sentence
(4) Remove name
(5) Delinquency for membership fee of one year or more

Article 10When a member injures the honor of the Association or has an act contrary to its purpose, the chairperson can eliminate it after resolving

Chapter 4  Officers and staff

Article 11The following officers shall be placed at the Society.
(1) Chairperson 1
(2) Three Vice Presidents
(3) 10 to 20 members
(4) 10 or more councilors and 20 or less
(5) 2 auditors

Article 12You may make an honorary president and counselors by the recommendation of the Board of Directors.

Article 13The president shall represent the Society and summarize the affairs. 2. The Vice Chairperson assists the Chairman and, in the event of an Accident President, substitutes for his / her duties. The president 's agent is nominated by the president or the board.
3. The director deliberates on the management of the Society and the planning of the event.
4. The councilor will consider the affairs.
5. Auditors supervise the accounting of the Societythe general meeting.

Article 14Election of the President shall be held one month before the opening of the General Meeting pursuant to the provisions separately prescribed and will take office after approval of the General Assembly.
2. The Vice Presidents, Directors, Trustees and Auditors shall be elected from the membership by the President and commissioned to the General Assembly.

Article 15The term of office of officers shall be two years, not obstructing supervision. However, the term of office of the president shall be limited to 2 years and 4 years.
2. The term of office of an alternate or additional officer shall be the remaining term of the predecessor or the current official.
3. Officers will perform their duties until the appointment of a successor even after term of office.
4. When there is a special circumstance in the officer, the president will dismiss it after the board meeting through the term of office.

Article 16In the event that the president retires in the middle of his / her term of office, if the remaining term is less than one year, the vice president nominated by the executive board will act on behalf of that person.
2. In the case of the situation set forth in paragraph 1, if the remaining term is one year or more, the Vice President nominated by the Council for a fiscal year of less than one year will act on behalf of that matter, and at the end of the fiscal year, According to Article 14 paragraph 1, the president will be elected. Even in this case the term of office shall be two years.
3. With the inauguration of the chairman elected in paragraph 2, the officers so far retire and the chairperson becomes the firstIn accordance with Article 4, paragraph 2, we elect to appoint an officer of 2 years term of office newly.

Article 17In order to carry out the activities of the Society, the president may establish various committees as necessary.
Matters necessary for the committee shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

Article 18It is possible to have staff members to handle the affairs of the Society.

Article 19The salary of officials will be decided upon consultation with the Japan Powder Industry Technology Association

Chapter 5  Accounting

Article 20Expenses of the Society shall be allocated to members by membership fee, business income, donation and other income.

Article 21Members must prepay payment of membership fees. In addition, extraordinary membership fee can be collected as necessary.

Article 22The fiscal year of the Association starts on January 1 and ends on December 31.

Chapter 6  Meeting

Article 23The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice Presidents and Directors.
2. The Board of Directors convenes at least four times a year by the president. Provided, however, that if the president deems it necessary, or if more than one third of the directors indicate the purpose and request the holding, the extraordinary council shall be convened.
3. The chairman of the board shall be the president.

Article 24The Board of Directors will discuss matters to be resolved at the General Assembly and matters deemed necessary by the President regarding the work of the Society.
2. The chairman of the Board of Directors shall be the president.

Article 25The General Assembly shall be held within two months after the end of the business year.
2. The chairpersons of the General Assembly are due to each other.
3. The following matters shall be based on the resolution of the General Assembly.
(1) Change of constitution
(2) Business report and matters concerning account settlement
(3) Matters concerning business plan and income and expenditure budget
(4) matters deemed necessary by the President in the work of the Society

Article 26The following matters shall be reported at the General Assembly.
(1) Election result of president
(2) Dissolution of local district dialogue and subcommittees
(3) Other matters deemed necessary by the Board of Directors

Article 27The proceedings of the General Assembly shall be decided by a majority of the members who attended, and when the propriety r is equal , the Chairman decides

Article 28In addition, the bylaws concerning the operation of the Society are prescribed separately, internal rules and memoranda.
2. The Board of Directors shall establish and revise the regulations.
3. The Board of Directors shall establish and revise the internal rules and report it to the Board of Directors.
4. The Board of Directors shall establish and revise the memorandum.

Supplementary Provisions This Act shall be implemented from February 23, 2002.

Note:This English version is a translated of the Japanese one, in case of a difference in interpretation, the Japanese version takes precedence.